• Available on iBooks, Kindle, and Amazon

  • Preview Issue now Available, Issue #1 Releases June 12th

  • Haven will have 20+ hours of Programming!

  • Ring of Fire 2014 was a Blast!

  • Available Now @ Best Buy, Itunes, and Netflix

  • Captain Neutron, The Allies Issue #1 Releases June 12th

  • Katie Blair's Future of Humanity, Dirty Blood, releases June 12th, 2014

We are proud to present I Think? No, I'm Sure...God Hates Me, by our very own wild and irreverent story telling writer, Emanuel F. Camacho -- It is now available on Amazon and Kindle - Go get yourself a copy or gift it to someone you love!

Rhest for the Wicked

We are proud to present, Rhest for the Wicked, Haven's FIRST Official Novel Release by the amazing cyberpunk injected author, Robert V Aldrich -- Is now available on Amazon and Kindle - Go get yourself a copy or gift it to someone you love!


Visit this website often for more from this amazing author and be sure to check out his amazing website Teach the Sky.


We are proud to present - The Pack, by the talented new author, Dan Coglan -- It is now available on Amazon and Kindle - Go get yourself a copy or gift it to someone you love!

Last year we had announced on one of our facebook pages, that our friend and colleague Todd Haberkorn would be voicing one (now some) of our audiobooks. We want to make sure we set the record straight. Todd is very much eager to begin work on these books. Haven will be contracting Todd for most of the books we publish that requires a male voice. Todd has been amazingly helpful in assisting us in this process. Because we were still working out details to begin releasing our properties in 2014 we held off on the audiobook process. We will be revisiting this with Todd during the summer and fall periods of 2014. We want to deliver the best possible product. Keep an eye out for our audiobook announcements. Furthermore we will be announcing another wonderful and legendary voice actress that will be voicing one of our books later this year.   Check back often!

'Hakuna Matata' was actually the phrase that held this post to test style settings for this section of the website. It is also a very important reminder, that we move forward and not backward. Because we are not traditional, in any sense of the word, we're going to have the site live while we finish building various aspects. This will allow us to continually test all of our links, our widgets, our login tools, blogs, and many other features we're adding to the website. Feel free to email us if you notice something is off, or if your experience surfing our young Haven 2.0 website is not an easy one. We want it to be easy, simple, and direct to what you are looking for.  

Book widgets for all of our live books will be online shortly. While our material rectifies online at other booksellers, like iBooks, Kindle, Amazon, and the like. You will be able to place direct orders from Haven and have a print-on-demand copy of the book you wish to order sent to your home. We will also be adding a newsletter tool, that you can add yourself to and get up-to-date information on our next set of titles, sales, and events.

As various parts of the website are made available over the course of the next few days, more information about our books, comics, and events will go live. We will also be utilizing various widget tools that allow you to purchase our books directly from this website. So please check back often for new information.